Mini Science Center

Mini Science Centre (MSC) helps in teaching science and maths to school children in a simpler way. It is innovative and interactive with a hands-on approach to facilitate the best science model learning process.

MSC consists of 100 Science and Math exhibits. As the exhibits are plug & play, students can understand the concepts by observing them, thus igniting curiosity resulting in engagement. The exhibits are made in accordance with the syllabus of the IB, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, all International boards and mapped with the school curriculum. The ownership of the MSC is transferred to the school once the set-up is done.

This modern way of teaching not only helps students comprehend the concepts and their applications easily, but also helps in implementing it for the progress of the society as the students will be equipped with the required knowledge and skills for life.

  • 100 easy to use plug and play exhibits explaining more than 175 Science and Maths concepts
  • Our MSC is mapped with IB, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and all International boards
  • These centres are designed for the students of age group of 10-16
  • Teacher Training Programs lead to capacity building of teachers, thus aiming at transformation of pedagogy
  • The MSC is easy to install, while the exhibits are easy to use, easy to teach and easy to learn
  • MSC is a holistic program designed to empower students, teachers and the school
  • STEM Learning ensures handholding is done right from installation to teacher training programs to maintenance to ensure maximum utilization of the exhibits
  • We provide online support plans which can be readily used by the faculty
  • A WhatsApp group is created where teachers notify us about the constant usage of the MSC along with sharing daily learning experiences

Teaching aids can be carried to the classrooms for demonstrating & clearing STEM concepts

It helps the students to understand the basic scientific and mathematical concepts with ease

Students are also encouraged to learn from each other, leading to peer to peer learning and saving teaching time

Mini Science Centre will be a permanent set up in your school

Complete ownership of Mini Science Centre remains with the school from day one so there is permanent access with no operating cost

A 300 square feet area or a classroom can be easily converted into MSC, replete with backgrounds showcasing usage of the exhibits and study materials